Global Insight February 2013

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Clearing the hurdles into Brazil
Despite the many opportunities that Brazil has to offer, businesses expanding into the country often face a number of obstacles and can find progress slow.Companies reaching maturity in their home markets are increasingly looking towards Brazil and the potential business...

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Overcoming obstacles when entering India
There is no doubt that India is a huge market but it requires persistence and a change in approach before you can expect to reap dividends.India plays a crucial role in an increasingly globalised world. But unlike other territories where...

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Successfully cracking the US market
The US market attracts many international companies keen to have an active presence in the world’s largest economy, but doing business there is not without its challenges.While it isn’t difficult to understand why an international company might want to conduct...

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Australia targets multinationals' tax strategies
Australia has launched a major initiative to look into the impact of tax minimisation strategies used by multinational corporations to reduce their effective corporation tax rates.The Australian Government says it will examine how multinational corporations (MNCs) are potentially eroding the...

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Google Italy faces tax probe
The Italian subsidiary of Google is under investigation by the country’s tax police, the Guardia di Finanza, for suspected tax evasion. In the last few years the Italian tax authorities have been scrutinising Italian companies more closely – irrespective of...

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Attracting innovative companies to the UK
The UK offers generous tax reliefs to incentivise innovative and technology-driven companies and those in the creative sector. What are the options available to overseas companies?UK tax incentives include tax relief for qualifying research and development (R&D) activity, a patent...

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The 21st century auditor
The challenges experienced across global markets in recent years have placed new demands on the 21st century auditor that require a broader perspective and an array of specialist skills.Audits are first and foremost intended to give comfort to shareholders or...

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Growing demand for turnover audit in retail sector
The popularity and growth of shopping malls is bringing a new dimension to the relationship between tenant and landlord – and requirements for a new type of audit.In Turkey – as in many other countries – it seems like a...

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Changes to the Russian Civil Code to benefit business
Amendments to the Russian Civil Code, aimed at improving the business environment in Russia, are expected to come into effect early this year. The changes to the Civil Code being introduced in Russia demonstrate a tougher stance by the Government...

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Tax reforms help to improve business environment in Ukraine
A number of tax initiatives helped Ukraine jump 15 places in the World Bank ‘Doing Business 2013’ report and 18 places for tax alone.In an effort to improve its business environment, Ukraine has made starting a business easier by eliminating...

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The UK statutory residence test
With the new UK statutory residence test set to come into effect imminently, anyone with concerns about their UK residence status should seek advice as soon as possible.The UK Government has published draft legislation on the new statutory residence test,...

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International tax crackdown on offshore accounts continues in US
The US has made huge strides in breaking bank secrecy in foreign jurisdictions, resulting in clients withdrawing funds from some Swiss bank accounts. With further action promised, US taxpayers are being given the chance to comply before it’s too late.Clients...

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